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+++ Oracle Consulting +++ Application Migration +++ Datenbase Migration +++ Oracle Managed Service +++

Oracle Services – competent, flexible and individual

Oracle Managed Services

Individually running your Oracle operations. We are pleased to support you in any Oracle related tasks up to full services including server, virtualisation and operating system

Continuous optimization of your service, i.e. automation, process improvement, etc.

  Driving the big picture for the whole lifecycle

Oracle Consulting

Individual and flexible consulting in regards to all Oracle DB issues

Engineering – perfectly sized to fit your IT strategie

Oracle Implementation

Oracle Optimization, Tuning – not just your Oracle database but your whole applikation stack

Oracle Troubleshooting

Oracle Expertise

30 years of Oracle Expertise

Multi disciplinar knowledge for holistic solutions

Oracle Expertise in application development

Oracle Expertise in IT Service Management

DIBACO puts the focus to cost efficiency leading into increased service value

Business Service Quality Management
Adding Value to your Digital Key Processes

Business Process Service Quality


Adressing any kind of standard IT process up to special IoT, Industry 4.0 szenario

Further development of your IT monitoring to focus on process quality

Complete, deep-dive and gapless monitoring of your process chain. e.g. from EDI to Siematic S7 controlled robots in your shopfloor

Plugin missing ? – Call us and we will implement it fast and cost efficient

Focussed on cost efficiency integrating into your strategic monitoring, efficient event filtering, propagation of incidents, efficient ticket creation and management

High-end security based on an innovative message bus architecture –  especially for critical Industry 4.0 environments


Flexible and individual ITSM consulting, e.g. event automation, ticketing and notification management

Engineering – customized ITSM concepts


Migration of monitoring solutions, e.g. OpenView, Nagios etc.


More than 20 years of experience in ITSM

Multi disciplinary knowledge for integrated solutions

Strong application development expertise

DIBACO is known for cost efficiency and added value

Application- and Data Migration
DIBACO Migration Framework

App und Data Migrations

Scope on applicationen migration on data/DB layer

Suitable for heavily customized applications

Data model changes without suitable migration tool

Database migrations on Windows/Linux/Unix, cross-vendor

General data migration

Our DIBACO CODE GENERATOR is transforming complex data models fast and repeatable. Supporting multiple iterations to increase data quality


Individual, flexible data migration consulting

Engineering – customized migration tools


Migrations on data and database layer


More than 20 years in DB, ITSM und development experience

Multi disciplinary knowledge

Expertise in application development, data management to provide fast implementation/customization of the CODE GENERATOR

DIBACO providing cost efficiency and added value